EP 081 – Opening Night Of The Billy Joel & Stevie Nicks Tour

This year, Billy Joel is embarking on his first co-headlining tour since 2009. And, the Glass Houses Podcast was there on opening night.  Billed as “Two Icons, One Night,” the Billy Joel / Stevie Nicks tour kicked off on March 10, 2023 at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California. Prior to the show, fans were curious […]

EP 079 – Content Creator Roundtable #1

Here at Glass Houses – A Billy Joel Podcast, we’re not just Billy Joel fans. We’re also fans of other podcasts.    Since setting up shop in early 2020, we’ve connected with other podcasters with shows about music. Some of them have had us on as guests, and now we’re happy to return the favor.  […]

EP 078 – Year In Review: 1989

1989 was a high water mark for Billy Joel’s career. He released another chart-topping album, Storm Front, and its number-one hit “We Didn’t Start the Fire.”  That single also found a home in history classrooms around the United States – a feat fitting for someone who once aspired to be a teacher. But the events […]

EP 077 – Concert Classics: Rome, Italy – July 31, 2006

Billy’s return to touring in 2006 included a stop at one of the oldest arenas in the world. The concert was captured for posterity with a beautifully-shot, full-length video available for free online.    On July 31, 2006, Billy and the band, minus a key member, played outdoors at the Coliseum in Rome. It was […]

EP 076 – Behind The Nylon Curtain (with Brad Leigh & Larry Franke)

The Nylon Curtain turned 40 last September, and we can’t help but take one last look at it as we start the new year.      Back in September, we did our album spotlight where we discussed the history and making of the album along with our track-by-track commentary. This time, we’re speaking with two […]

EP 075 – 2022 Odds & Ends (with Steve Cohen, Jon Small, & Brad Leigh)

Sometimes the best part of a big meal is the leftovers. There’s nothing like taking a little bit of everything from the night before, heating it up, and settling in for a second round. And, for the second year in a row, just in time for the holidays, that’s what we’re doing here at Glass […]

EP 074 – Remembering Jim Boyer (with Brad Leigh & Larry Franke)

There are more than just musicians behind a great-sounding album. No matter how well they play, or how good the songs are, it doesn’t mean much if the recording doesn’t capture them the right way.      And, when it came to many of Billy Joel’s most iconic albums, the person responsible for shaping much […]

EP 073 – Glass Houses Playlist #6 – Thundercats (Larry & Anthony’s Song)

Did you know there’s a connection between Billy Joel and one of the most popular cartoons of the 1980s?  We didn’t know either until a few weeks ago.  Recently, Michael and I interviewed Larry Franke, who was second engineer on Songs in the Attic and the Nylon Curtain. During the conversation, Larry mentioned that, after […]

EP 071 – Michael & Jack Meet + Conversation with Russell Javors & Dan Orlando

This episode is all about meeting new people in the Billy Joel world.    First, we’re telling the story of when we, your hosts, finally met after recording virtually for nearly three years. We’ve hinted at it online and some listeners asked about it. So, we thought we’d tell the story here along with our […]

EP 070 – Concert Classics: Roxy Theatre – Northampton, PA – November 28, 1973

There are make-or-break moments in every successful musician’s career. Sometimes they’re huge, cataclysmic events. Other times, they’re subtle nods that point a performer in the right direction.  For Billy Joel, a pair of shows in November of 1973 was the latter. And, we have the tapes to prove it. Piano Man had just been released, […]

EP 069 – Billy Joel In Pop Culture (Part 1)

For someone who hasn’t released an album in nearly 30 years, Billy Joel is all over the TV. His music, his touring band, and his likeness get featured regularly on sitcoms, primetime dramas, prestige shows, and cartoons made for, for lack of a better word, mature audiences.      These pop culture references have helped […]

EP 068 – Album Retrospective: The Nylon Curtain

The Nylon Curtain wasn’t nearly as popular as Billy Joel’s albums just before and after this release. But, it still spawned a handful of hits, classics, and perennial fan favorites and concert staples. And today, it’s regarded by fans and critics as Billy’s most accomplished artistic statement.   Released in 1982, The Nylon Curtain came […]

EP 067 – Year In Review: 1978

Even when looking at five decades of songwriting, album releases and concerts, 1978 stands as arguably the busiest, most successful, and most defining year of Billy Joel’s career.   The year began with the smash hit album The Stranger still racing up the charts after its release the previous fall.  12 months later, Billy would […]

EP 066 – Billy Joel Live At Yankee Stadium (with Steve Cohen & Jon Small)

This fall, an often-overlooked live Billy Joel release is getting a second lease on life.    The 1990 video release Live At Yankee Stadium is getting a makeover with remixed and remastered sound, an extra song, and a brand new edit. And, after a limited run in theaters, it’ll be available on Blu-ray along with […]

EP 065 – Concert Classics: Live in London, 1984

By 1984, Billy Joel was known for changing styles from album to album. What’s less recognized was how often he changed voices. And, one night that year in England, those voices were all on display.    Close listening to any Billy Joel record reveals a variety of tones, accents, and affectations in the singing. Add […]

EP 064 – Billy Joel 1980-1984 TV Appearances (Part 2)

This is the second installment of our two-part series covering Billy Joel’s television appearances from 1980 through 1984. While the bulk of the spots we’ve covered so far found him promoting The Nylon Curtain, the latter batch has him on the promotional trail for the An Innocent Man album and addressing his tabloid notoriety with […]

EP 063 – Billy Joel Back Covers Ranked

If people used to buy albums for the front cover, then they got to know the music at home while checking out the back.   The flip side of a record jacket should complement the album and front artwork while giving listeners more to explore as they listened at home.    Billy’s albums are no […]

EP 062 – Billy Joel 1980-1984 TV Appearances (Part 1)

By 1980. Billy Joel was ready for prime time. Starting with a feature on 20/20 during the lead up to Glass Houses,  he graduated  from just playing a song or two on a talk show to getting regular MTV spotlights, being the subject of news features, and appearing on morning shows for a week at […]

EP 060 – MTV Night School 1982

Years before Billy Joel started doing master classes, and long before MTV stopped showing music videos, there was Night School.  Broadcast in late 1982, Night School was a half-hour show on MTV where Billy fielded questions from an audience of young fans. Fresh off the success of The Nylon Curtain, he tells stories, gives some […]

EP 059 – Video Retrospective: The Video Album Volume I

Billy Joel may not be the first artist that comes to mind when you think of MTV. But, he was making music videos before the landmark cable channel got its start in 1981.    A close look at those videos reveals the progression of the medium as it became more popular, more stylized, and more […]

EP 058 – Year In Review: 1969

1969 should have been the year Billy Joel broke through. Today, we know it would be another few years before his solo career began, and a few more after that until things really took off.    Instead, the end of the decade saw his longtime band put out a second album that went nowhere. Then, […]

EP 057 – Concert Classics: Kirin Dry Gigs ’88 – Tokyo, Japan

With the appearance of the Kirin Dry Gigs from 1988 appearing on YouTube earlier this year, a long-lost footnote in Billy Joel history has finally resurfaced.    This one-off gig in Japan finds Billy performing with just one member of his longtime touring band. They’re joined by players who performed on other tours in the […]

EP 056 – Reimagining The Nylon Curtain with Johnny Lied

The Covid-19 pandemic and quarantines of 2020 caused disruptions in the music industry that we’re still feeling a few years later. But while we’re fortunate that the lack of live music will fade into memory, the releases of quarantine albums may very well add up to an interesting reflection of these unprecedented times.  With no […]

EP 055 – 2008 Tour, Walmart Vinyl, Billy Joel & Metallica Vegas Weekend

2022 is turning out to be a big year for Billy Joel. Just by the end of February, fans enjoyed a unique weekend of music in a city where Billy doesn’t often play. And, new vinyl releases expanding on last year’s box set, include an album few fans have ever owned on vinyl before.  We’re […]

EP 054 – Album Retrospective: Piano Man

Billy Joel’s second solo album included his most iconic song. And the one that provided his breakthrough success and pointed the way for his post-West Coast work. But surrounding the title track and “Captain Jack” are the sounds of a songwriter still finding his way. Fortunately for us, that path is still pretty exciting.    […]

EP 053 – Year In Review: 1997

For Billy Joel, or at least his record label, 1997 seems to be a year of acknowledgement. It had been four years since his last album, and since then Billy had been telling anyone who’d listen that he was finished writing pop songs.    Now, it seemed like Columbia Records was ready to accept that […]

EP 052 – In Conversation with Billy Joel Art Director Edward O’Dowd

If you’ve gone to one of Billy Joel’s Madison Square Garden residency shows, saw one of his concerts near your hometown, or picked up any of his reissues or box sets over the past decade plus, then you’re familiar with the work of Edward O’Dowd.  Since 2008, the graphic designer and art director has created […]

EP 051 – Billy Joel Album Covers Ranked

Whoever said, “You can’t judge a book by its cover” never had to design the front of a rock and roll album. Before the internet put all the music in the world at everyone’s fingertips, that front cover first served as a siren call to anyone browsing in a record store.    Then, when you […]

EP 050 – Havana Jam ’79 (with documentarian Ernesto Juan)

Spread over three days in Cuba, the Havana Jam ‘79 featured Columbia recording artists alongside native musicians and bands. It was a monumental, historic event that hardly anyone knows about anymore.    But Ernesto Juan knows the story. And, he’s been trying to tell it for the past decade.    The Cuban-born journalist, documentarian and […]

EP 049 – 2021 Odds & Ends (with Liberty DeVitto & Jesse Javors)

Sometimes the best part about the holidays are the leftovers. Picking at the feast you just enjoyed the day before can taste better than when it was just cooked.   And, as the 2021 holiday season wraps up, we’re bringing you a second helping of Glass Houses – A Billy Joel Podcast.   It’s been […]

EP 048 – Glass Houses Playlist #4

Once again, we’re taking a break from Billy — mostly, anyway — during those weird weeks between Thanksgiving and the winter holidays to bring you some different music.   Jack’s at the board with a playlist that’s split into three categories.   First up is “I’ve Loved These Days.” It’s a somewhat tongue-in-cheek way of […]

EP 047 – Russell Javors Part 2 (in conversation with Russell Javors)

Welcome back to our two-part series on Russell Javors. As the rhythm guitarist for Billy Joel, Russell was a fixture in Billy’s band on record and on stage for much of their storied run from 1976’s Turnstiles through 1986’s The Bridge.    His playing was always understated and in service to the song, but at […]

EP 045 – In Conversation with Mike Delguidice

Billy Joel’s monthly residency at Madison Square Garden resumes on November 5th after nearly a year and a half off due to the pandemic. In the leadup to the show, we sat down with guitarist Mike DelGuidice to talk about what he’s been up to during that time.      Even with the Garden shows […]

EP 044 – Russell Javors Part 1 (with special guests)

Probably the last thing you think of when it comes to Billy Joel’s music is reggae but that influence is there. And if it’s subtle, it’s because it comes from arguably the most understated member of the classic Lords of 52nd Street, Russell Javors.   In a band where the spotlight is squarely on the […]

EP 043 – Concert Classics: Thunder Road – Live in Miami, 1977

The fact that a Billy Joel bootleg is named after a Bruce Springsteen song should clue in the listener that this show’s a little different from what you may expect.    Recorded at Maurice Gusman Concert Hall in Miami, FL on October 31, 1977,  Thunder Road isn’t a radical change from the Billy we know. […]

EP 042 – Album Retrospective: The Bridge

Almost a decade after the breakout hit album The Stranger, the Billy Joel machine was showing some signs of wear. That strain was evident on his 1986 album The Bridge.    After a string of multi-platinum, chart-topping, and award-winning records, Billy was worn out and wanted to be home with his family instead of back […]

EP 041 – In Conversation with Richie Cannata

Here’s an interview with Richie Cannata. That’s it. No great fanfare, no big intro. We just had a blast talking with Billy Joel’s longtime sax, organ, flute, accordion, and piano player, and we’re sharing that conversation with you.    There’s a lot of great stuff here: Deep trivia about Billy Joel tracks and live performances, […]

EP 040 – Year In Review: 1980

The Stranger made Billy Joel a superstar back in 1977. Three years later, his career really launched into overdrive.   In 1980, Billy was still reaping the benefits of two Grammy-Award winning albums. In March, he took his next step forward by releasing Glass Houses. That album would become a smash hit with a leaner […]

EP 039 – Video Retrospective: Eye of The Storm + More

In the mid 80s, Billy Joel penned the lyric “After 1986 what else could be n ew?” If you were to judge that based on his 1989 hit “We Didn’t Start The Fire,” you’d think he meant it. But a closer look at that video and the others from the Storm Front album suggest otherwise. […]

EP 038 – Glass Houses Playlist #3

 We’re back with another playlist episode this week. We have so much fun putting these together and sharing some of our favorite music with you all. Michael is back with another playlist of some favorites over the past several years. From 90s alternative to 2010s soul and singer/songwriters, these have been mainstays for Michael […]

EP 037 – Face to Face Tour 1994 with Elton John

Twenty-seven years ago this month, two titans of pop music teamed up for a run of sold-out shows that would set the tone for tours to come.   We’re talking about the first Face to Face tour featuring Billy Joel and Elton John. In the summer of 1994, the two hit-making piano players shared the […]

EP 036 – Concert Classics: Live in Houston, 1979

By the end of the seventies, Billy Joel had found success with a formula that blended elements of pop, rock, and jazz around a singer-songwriter frame. And, he was about to turn all that on its side. The Live In Houston 1979 bootleg is proof of it.   The video features Billy and the Lords […]

EP 035 – Album Openers Ranked

An album’s first track has a lot to live up to. The song must engage the listener right away and get them excited for what’s to come. Sometimes, it’s the record’s lead single and hopefully the band’s next hit. Other times, it’s just the song most likely to get people excited. Or, it’s a little […]

EP 034 – Album Retrospective: 12 Gardens Live

Usually, a late-career live album is a victory lap, an excuse to tour, or at worst, an excuse to make some extra cash. For Billy Joel, however, it was a sign that he was back on the scene.    Released on June 13, 2006, 12 Gardens Live is a two-disc set. It features performances from […]

EP 033 – Year In Review: 1988 + Awards Show Appearances Part 2

Pardon the pun, but for Billy Joel, 1988 was the calm before the storm.    Billy and the band had just come off an exhausting, groundbreaking two-year tour that saw them on four continents. And, they capped it all off with a historic run of six shows in the now-former USSR. Billy was the first […]

EP 032 – Interpreting Billy Part 2 (with Hyung-ki Joo)

What changes when other piano players perform Billy Joel’s music? What elements shine through? What’s it like to be tasked with performing music written by one of the most popular recording artists of the 20th century?    This is the second installment of our two-part series where we talk with piano players who have been […]

EP 031 – Awards Show Appearances Part 1 + Conversation with Evan Toth

Billy Joel is no stranger to awards shows and other accolades. Following 1977’s The Stranger, he’s won a handful of industry awards, was nominated for plenty more, and gave a few memorable — and in, one case, literally show stopping — performances. And, when you’re tracking award show appearances over three decades, you also start […]

EP 030 – Interpreting Billy Part 1 (with Michael Cavanaugh)

After 1993’s River of Dreams, fans waited and wondered if Billy Joel would ever release another pop album. The answer, as we know now, turned out to be no. But, nearly a decade after that release, we saw a new development for Billy’s music.    The first years of the new century saw three new […]

EP 029 – Album Retrospective: River of Dreams

Billy Joel’s last album is a study in contrasts. It sounds like a new beginning, when it was really the end of an era. It alternated between gritty, angular rhythms and sweet, flowing melodies. It’s arguably one of his most divisive albums. Yet it earned him a handful of award nominations, a new generation of […]

EP 028 – Year In Review: 1971

Apart from the botched release of Cold Spring Harbor, 1971 was a surprisingly low-key year for Billy Joel. His teenage band collapsed a few years before. And the proto-metal power duo that rose from its ashes failed to gain any traction.    Broke, depressed, and aimless, Billy was ready to leave the music industry for […]

EP 027 – The Bridge Tour 1986-87

It’s easy to overlook most of Billy Joel’s The Bridge Tour concert dates from 1986 and 1987. The shows, which spanned four continents, were in support of one of Billy’s arguably weakest albums.    Meanwhile, these dates are eclipsed by the handful of landmark shows he played in the USSR at the tail end of […]

EP 026 – Superfan Round Table #1

This may be the beginning of 2021, but this installment marks the end of our first 12 months of episodes. So, we decided to do something special for the occasion.    We’re hosting a round table with some of the biggest Billy Joel fans we know. It’s an opportunity for us all to chat about […]

EP 025 – Year In Review: 1976

WIlliam Martin Joel had released three solo albums by the beginning of 1976. In many ways, however, that was the year he became the Billy we all know today.    It was the year he recorded and released Turnstiles, finally winning his battle with CBS records to cut an album with his touring band. That […]

EP 024 – Looking Forward & Looking Back (with Love Raptor & Bradshaw Leigh)

We’re kicking off 2021 with a look back and a look forward at Billy Joel’s work, his fans, and the music industry in general. This episode features two sets of interviews. The first is with Mikhail Pivovarov and Billy Ruegger from the online music collective Love Raptor. We’ll go behind the scenes of their funk […]

EP 023 – Phil Ramone (with Bradshaw Leigh & Russell Javors)

When it comes to Billy Joel’s most successful run of albums, you can’t talk about the man behind the piano without also talking about the man behind the board: Phil Ramone.    By the time Phil and Billy teamed up, Ramone was already a renowned engineer and innovator in the recording studio. His discography included landmark […]

EP 022 – 2006-2007 World Tour

Billy Joel’s World Tour from 2006 through 2007 turned out to be a true page-turner in his career. He’d played virtually no concerts the previous two years. And by the end of 2003 his performances were getting just a little stale.    But, you’d never know that from the 110 or so dates he mounted […]

EP 021 – Glass Houses Playlist #2

This holiday week, settle in with some classic songs, a small glimpse into the Philadelphia music scene, and some exciting new artists making music today!    This is our second playlist episode, where Jack and Michael take turns playing DJ to spin some tunes and tell some stories behind them.    Jack’s on the turntable […]

EP 020 – Concert Classics: Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA, 1974

Date: May 14, 1974 City/State: Boston, MA Venue: Orpheum Theatre Supporting: Jesse Colin Young & Livingston Taylor   The Setlist:  Travelin’ Prayer Somewhere Along The Line Technical Difficulty Blues Piano Man The Entertainer The Ballad of Billy The Kid Worse Comes To Worst Everybody Loves You Now Captain Jack Ain’t No Crime   ——   In less […]

EP 019 – Year In Review: 1983

They say it’s always darkest before the dawn. If that’s true, then the sun rose for Billy Joel in 1983. That’s not to say things were bleak before then. But the past year or so carried a more somber tone. In 1982, Billy was in a bad motorcycle accident that left his hands severely injured for […]

EP 018 – Billy Joel Cover Songs By Other Artists

Sometimes, the best way to find out what makes a songwriter special is hearing someone else sing their songs. Listening to how other artists interpret their work brings out aspects of the music that weren’t as obvious before.    That’s what Michael and Jack discovered when they put this episode together. This week, They’re diving […]

EP 017 – Album Retrospective: Streetlife Serenade

1974 saw Billy Joel back in the studio mere months after 1973’s Piano Man.  Billy wasn’t ready for a new album but pushed his way through to complete Streetlife Serenade which was released October 11, 1974 on Columbia Records. The album peaked at #35 on the album charts and featured the single “The Entertainer,” which […]

EP 016 – Billy Joel 1970s TV Appearances

Artists who rose to stardom in the 1970s were the first generation to have that rise documented on TV cameras. Billy Joel was no exception. Michael & Jack comb through as many of Billy’s 1970’s TV appearances as they could find to share their observations along the way. Watching these in chronological order, you really […]

EP 015 – Year In Review: 2003

The year was 2003 and once again, Billy was at a crossroads. He mounted a shorter Face To Face tour with Elton John before taking one of the longest hiatuses of his career which would stretch into the end of 2005.   Michael & Jack chronicle a year in which saw depression, Billy vocally discussing […]

EP 014 – 1987 Tour of Russia

The year was 1987. Billy and the band were well into their tour supporting The Bridge album. An incredible opportunity came along that would change everyone involved’s life forever.   Billy Joel and his band became the first American pop act to bring a full-scale touring production to Russia.  While other US artists had played […]

EP 013 – Video Retrospective: Shades of Grey

In 1993, Billy Joel began work on what would become his final pop studio album, River of Dreams. What began with he and his live band tracking in a makeshift studio in a boathouse on the east end of Long Island, ended with a new producer, new musicians, and a new direction.   Michael & […]

EP 012 – In Conversation with drummer Liberty DeVitto

Liberty DeVitto is the drummer that Billy Joel chose to record those unforgettable albums and memorable tours between 1975 and 2005.  Michael & Jack discuss his brand new autobiography Liberty: Life, Billy and the Pursuit of Happiness which is out now from Hudson Music. Join us for a special candid conversation with Liberty DeVitto as […]

EP 011 – Concert Classics: Live At C.W. Post, 1977

Michael & Jack take their first dip into a classic Billy Joel concert from the past. They discuss the famed C.W. Post College concert recorded in Greenvale, NY on May 6, 1977. This concert was also broadcast live in New York and Philadelphia as Billy and the band tear through some classics and road test two […]

EP 010 – Doug Stegmeyer (with special guests)

On this episode, Michael & Jack celebrate the life and music of Billy Joel bassist Doug Stegmeyer. Known as The Sergeant, Doug played bass in the Billy Joel band from 1975 which he joined for the Streetlife Serenader tour and continued on through the end of The Bridge Tour in 1988. We discuss many of […]

EP 009 – Glass Houses Playlist #1

We’re bringing you something a little different for this episode. To say things have been crazy lately, is an understatement. We weren’t able to pull together a regular episode in time but still wanted to bring you something.   Introducing the GLASS HOUSES PLAYLIST. Michael & Jack will take turns playing DJ to spin some […]

EP 008 – Album Retrospective: Billy Joel Greatest Hits Volume I & II

1985 brings us Billy Joel’s first Greatest Hits release with Greatest Hits Volume I & II which covered songs from 1973’s Piano Man through the two new songs for 1985, “You’re Only Human (Second Wind)” and “The Night Is Still Young.” Greatest Hits Volume I & II has gone on to be one of the […]

EP 007 – Live Album & Video Retrospective: Live At Shea Stadium

Michael & Jack revisit the historic 2008 Shea Stadium concerts from Flushing, New York in Queens. The Beatles performed the first concert at Shea and New York’s son, Billy Joel, appropriately closed out the stadium with the final two concerts before the Shea’s ultimate demolition. This viewing / listening companion goes song by song through […]

EP 006 – Year In Review: 1994

The year was 1994 and Billy Joel is a few months into his hugely successful River of Dreams Tour. Michael & Jack look back at this year in review which proved to be a pivotal year for Billy as he wrapped up support for his final studio album, launched the first incarnation of the hugely […]

EP 005 – B-Sides, Rarities and Soundtrack Songs

Michael & Jack dust off the crates and reminisce about some classic Billy Joel 45s, soundtrack appearances, remixes and more! The songs covered in this episode are: – Elvis Presley Blvd.– You’ve Got Me Hummin’ (Live)– I’ll Cry Instead (Live)– House of Blue Light– You Picked A Real Bad Time– Nobody Knows But Me– Why […]

LIVE EP 002 – Stay At Home Special #2

While keeping at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, Michael & Jack decided to launch a sub-series of live episode broadcasts on Facebook. This first live episode was recorded on Tuesday April 7, 2020.  Here, we discuss a few top 5 Billy lists, talk about how we are keeping busy while under stay at home orders, […]

EP 004 – Video Retrospective: Live From Long Island

Michael & Jack present a song by song companion of the 1983 home video concert release Live From Long Island. Having been out of print for some 30+ years now, this concert is a must see and highlights Billy and the band firing on all cylinders as they transition into an arena touring band in the […]

LIVE EP 001 – Stay At Home Special #1

While keeping at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, Michael & Jack decided to launch a sub-series of live episode broadcasts on Facebook. This first live episode was recorded on Wednesday March 25, 2020.  Here, we discuss how the podcast came to be, roll out a few top 5 Billy lists, discuss some of our other […]

EP 003 – Album Retrospective: Cold Spring Harbor

Michael & Jack revisit Billy’s first album, from its pre-production demos, to the botched finished product under Artie Ripp’s Family Productions, Columbia’s 1983 remix and reissue, and everything in between.

EP 002 – Billy Joel Tidbits & Trivia

Michael & Jack discuss some tidbits and trivia surrounding Billy Joel’s career. Topics include: Albums sales and stats Billy’s role in new digital technology during the 80s Different versions of the Big Shot music video Early touring days in the Lehigh Valley And more!

EP 001 – Our Backstory

Michael & Jack discuss how and when they discovered Billy Joel’s music, their connections  to former drummer Liberty DeVitto, the first albums they bought, their concert experiences, and more. 

Trailer: Glass Houses – A Billy Joel Podcast

Life-long Billy Joel fans, Michael Grosvenor and Jack Firneno, team up to share stories and take deep dives into Billy’s songs, tours, albums, band members and much more. Join us in celebrating the life and music of Billy Joel.