EP 038 – Glass Houses Playlist #3

We’re back with another playlist episode this week. We have so much fun putting these together and sharing some of our favorite music with you all.

Michael is back with another playlist of some favorites over the past several years. From 90s alternative to 2010s soul and singer/songwriters, these have been mainstays for Michael and we are excited to share them with you!

Again, if you dig what you hear, we’d appreciate you checking out and picking up some new music by these artists wherever you get your music!


  • ATHENAEUM – “Flat Tire”
  • PAPA VEGAS – “No Destination”
  • THE VERVE PIPE – “Out Like A Lamb”
  • EMERSON HART – “I Wish The Best For You”
  • OUR LADY PEACE – “Somewhere Out There”
  • BLISS 66 – “Not Quite Paradise”
  • 19 WHEELS – “I Want You Here”
  • TYRONE WELLS – “In Between The Lines”
  • THE NIGHT GAME – “The Outfield”
  • OWSLEY – “She’s The One”
  • NINE DAYS – “Still Here”
  • KACEY MUSGRAVES – “Space Cowboy”
  • SPLENDER – “The Loneliest Person I Know”
  • GRAHAM COLTON – “On Your Side”
  • SEBASTIAN KOLE – “Love’s On The Way”


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