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EP 071 – Michael & Jack Meet + Conversation with Russell Javors & Dan Orlando

This episode is all about meeting new people in the Billy Joel world. 


First, we’re telling the story of when we, your hosts, finally met after recording virtually for nearly three years. We’ve hinted at it online and some listeners asked about it. So, we thought we’d tell the story here along with our memories of seeing the new Live At Yankee Stadium sneak preview in Sag Harbor this summer 


Then, we’re speaking with Dan Orlando and Russell Javors. Dan is currently the piano player and singer for the Lords of 52nd Street. After a few gigs at the end of 2019, he’s played regularly with the band since venues began re-opening in 2021. 


Join us for two stories about newcomers, new connections,  and new experiences.





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EP 049 – 2021 Odds & Ends (with Liberty DeVitto & Jesse Javors)

Sometimes the best part about the holidays are the leftovers. Picking at the feast you just enjoyed the day before can taste better than when it was just cooked.


And, as the 2021 holiday season wraps up, we’re bringing you a second helping of Glass Houses – A Billy Joel Podcast.


It’s been an amazing year for us, and with all the great topics and interviews we touched on, not everything made it into the episodes you’ve heard so far. 


So, we’re bringing you interview excerpts, extraneous conversations, and a few extra emails from listeners that didn’t make it onto the show. 


There’s plenty of gravy to go around, so sit back and unbutton your pants as we throw some turkey legs and mashed potatoes in the microwave with our first-ever, end-of-the-year, odds-and-ends episode.




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EP 047 – Russell Javors Part 2 (in conversation with Russell Javors)

Welcome back to our two-part series on Russell Javors. As the rhythm guitarist for Billy Joel, Russell was a fixture in Billy’s band on record and on stage for much of their storied run from 1976’s Turnstiles through 1986’s The Bridge. 


His playing was always understated and in service to the song, but at the same time an integral part of each track. And, he’s a celebrated songwriter in his own right, contributing to artists including Karen Carpenter and Phoebe Snow.


In our last episode, we spoke to Russell’s longtime bandmates Richie Cannata and Liberty DeVitto. We also heard from his son, Jesse Javors. For our conclusion, we’re talking to the man himself, Russell Javors. 


We’ll hear about his teen years coming up with Liberty and Doug Stegemeyer, taking the stage with Billy, moving into a new career after the music business and much more. 


Along the way, Russell reveals insights about his contributions to classic records and memories from the road. And, he adds his trademark wit to every story. 


Join us as we speak with legendary rhythm guitarist Russell Javors.   




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EP 045 – In Conversation with Mike Delguidice

Billy Joel’s monthly residency at Madison Square Garden resumes on November 5th after nearly a year and a half off due to the pandemic. In the leadup to the show, we sat down with guitarist Mike DelGuidice to talk about what he’s been up to during that time. 



Even with the Garden shows and annual summer tour off the calendar, Mike made the most of the shutdowns. He formed a new band, retooled his solo act, and is now gearing up to release an album of his own music. 



We’ll hear about how Mike used the time off from Billy’s band to re-center his career. And how he returned to the big stage by filling in on a role that has a deep connection to his roots in Billy’s music. 



Join us as we dig deep into 2020 and the first half of 2021 with Mike DelGuidice.





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EP 044 – Russell Javors Part 1 (with special guests)

Probably the last thing you think of when it comes to Billy Joel’s music is reggae but that influence is there. And if it’s subtle, it’s because it comes from arguably the most understated member of the classic Lords of 52nd Street, Russell Javors.


In a band where the spotlight is squarely on the piano, Russell’s rhythm guitar playing was tight, economical, and often in the background.


But it was always in the right place at the right time. To paraphrase drummer Liberty DeVitto, “You don’t always notice what Russell is playing, but you’ll notice when it’s not there.”


Russell played on many of Billy’s biggest hits and logged hundreds of shows over more than a decade touring with the band. Before that, he was part of Topper, the group that would become the longtime backing band for Billy.


And, he was always writing his own songs in the background. A few of which were released by different artists. His music, both with Billy and on his own, has shades of classic 70s singer/songwriters while also portraying his love of The Beatles, rockabilly, and reggae among other influences.


After departing the Billy Joel band before the Storm Front album, Russell made a radical, while ultimately fulfilling career change. And today, he’s back on tour with the Lords of 52nd Street. Celebrating the music he and his friends help make into modern classics.


For this episode, we spoke with Liberty DeVitto, Richie Cannata, and Russell’s son, Jesse Javors.


Join us for Part 1 of a very special two-part series on Russell Javors where we talk with some of the people who know him best.




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EP 041 – In Conversation with Richie Cannata

Here’s an interview with Richie Cannata. That’s it. No great fanfare, no big intro. We just had a blast talking with Billy Joel’s longtime sax, organ, flute, accordion, and piano player, and we’re sharing that conversation with you. 


There’s a lot of great stuff here: Deep trivia about Billy Joel tracks and live performances, stories about the Lords of 52nd Street reunion and post-pandemic shows, and Richie’s takes on today’s music and recording practices. 


Sit back and join us as we chat with Richie Cannata.




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EP 012 – In Conversation with drummer Liberty DeVitto

Liberty DeVitto is the drummer that Billy Joel chose to record those unforgettable albums and memorable tours between 1975 and 2005.  Michael & Jack discuss his brand new autobiography Liberty: Life, Billy and the Pursuit of Happiness which is out now from Hudson Music.

Join us for a special candid conversation with Liberty DeVitto as he discusses the book and much more.

In this episode, Michael & Jack also share their thoughts after reading the book which chronicles Liberty’s family history, as well has his personal life and playing career.  Early announcements promised two things: A foreword by Billy Joel and Liberty discussing every song they recorded together. This book delivers on that and so much more.

Among the great stories, we also learn the news of the long-overdue reconciliation between Liberty and Billy and the reclamation of this great friendship.

Order Liberty’s new book:         Hudson Music      |      Amazon


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EP 010 – Doug Stegmeyer (with special guests)

On this episode, Michael & Jack celebrate the life and music of Billy Joel bassist Doug Stegmeyer. Known as The Sergeant, Doug played bass in the Billy Joel band from 1975 which he joined for the Streetlife Serenader tour and continued on through the end of The Bridge Tour in 1988.

We discuss many of the facets that made Doug so special and integral to the magic of Billy’s recordings.

We also are joined by 5 special guests with unique connections to Doug:

  • Mike DelGuidice – Guitar and vocals in the Billy Joel band and frontman for tribute band Big Shot. Mike also worked with Doug extensively in the early 1990s.
  • Malcolm Gold – Bassist for The Lords of 52nd Street and the Movin’ Out touring band. Malcolm also often plays Doug’s basses during Lords shows.
  • Sue Stegmeyer & Kevin Ege – Doug’s sister and her husband.
  • Andy Gilmartin – A friend of Doug’s when Andy was a teenager, Andy spearheaded getting Doug, Liberty DeVitto, Richie Cannata & Russell Javors inducted into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame in 2014. Andy now is the manager for The Lords of 52nd Street.

For context, here are the albums Doug performed on: Turnstiles, The Stranger, 52nd Street, Glass Houses, Songs In The Attic, The Nylon Curtain, An Innocent Man, Greatest Hits Vol. I & II, The Bridge, KOHUEPT, Greatest Hits Vol. III.