EP 039 – Video Retrospective: Eye of The Storm + More

In the mid 80s, Billy Joel penned the lyric “After 1986 what else could be n ew?” If you were to judge that based on his 1989 hit “We Didn’t Start The Fire,” you’d think he meant it.

But a closer look at that video and the others from the Storm Front album suggest otherwise.

For this episode we’re looking at Eye Of The Storm. Released in 1990, it’s a home video collection of the videos from the multi-platinum album Storm Front.

While that album contained many songs about personal relationships and Billy’s life, the videos focus much more on the world at large at the end of the 1980s.

We’ll dig deep into the five music videos. And, we’ll take a look at a soundcheck and radio broadcast recording from early in the Storm Front tour. 

Join us as we dig deep into Eye of The Storm and more.


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