EP 106 – Album Retrospective: The Hassles First Album

Before Billy Joel was a household name, and before he was even a solo recording artist or known as a piano player, he released his first album on United Artists Records in 1967. 

That album was The Hassles, by the band of the same name. Billy, still a teenager, wasn’t in the spotlight. Rather, he was the organ player who contributed a few original songs and vocals. 

For this album episode, we’re reviewing the deluxe re-release from 1992. It contains the entire first album, plus 8 additional bonus tracks of b-sides, demos and alternate takes. 

This generous serving of blue-eyed-soul and Long Island rock and roll provides Billy’s first step into the music industry at large. And, it reveals a few germs of the melodic instincts,  arrangement styles, and vocal prowess that Billy would cultivate into his signature sound just a few years later. 

Join us as we dig deep into The Hassles’ self-titled debut album.


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