EP 112 – Billy Joel Album B-Sides Ranked

With few exceptions, Billy Joel’s albums were sequenced with two sides in mind. It’s a phenomenon that’s come back to the forefront with the resurgence of vinyl records: The act of listening to half an album, then flipping the platter to hear the rest.

It’s a different experience than listening to the songs all the way through on CD or a streaming platform. And, it’s what we’re exploring in this episode.

We’re ranking the B-Sides of Billy’s studio albums from our least to most favorite. They run the gamut from featuring a few hits, to sporting some fan favorites, to not living up to the A side.

It’s also subjective: we found that our picks were often influenced by when we first heard the record and in what context.

Join us as we flip the record and drop the needle on our rankings of Billy Joel album B-Sides.


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