EP 092 – Album Retrospective: An Innocent Man

With An Innocent Man, Billy Joel took an important step forward by taking a big leap backward. Released August 8, 1983, the ten-song album sold a million copies within two months of its release and four million just a year later. And, it boasts a Number One single with two more hitting the Top Ten.

The album, famously, is an homage to the pre-British Invasion music from Billy’s youth. But as stylized as the tracks are, the song cycle is more than just nostalgia. A close listen reveals a unique mash-up of youthful music paired with much more mature, wiser lyrics. 

But analysis aside, it’s easily Billy’s most fun album. And, it’s the one that introduced him to a new set of fans – effectively securing his stardom for the next decade. 

For this album episode, we’re doing something a little different: Along with our biographical information and overall critiques, we did a listen-through where we comment on the songs in real time. Listeners can hear exactly what we’re hearing when we make an observation. 

Join us, as we dig deep into Billy Joel’s An Innocent Man.


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