EP 088 – Concert Classics: Frankfurt, Germany – June 18, 1994

Live in Frankfurt is probably the closest BIlly Joel got to being in a Spinal Tap sequel. The show, recorded on June 18, 1994, is just as notable for its mishaps as it is the band’s solid performance. 

The show captures the band on the River of Dreams tour, and the full video gives a warts-and-all look at what can go wrong at a concert: We watch as the band struggles through what appears to be stifling heat inside the arena, and navigates the pitfalls of faulty stage mechanics. 

Still, the seven-piece ensemble puts on a scorching performance, with plenty of spotlights on the various players and Billy loosening up and getting a little daring by the end of the show. 

A truncated version of the concert was released with the My Lives box set in 2005 and as a standalone DVD release titled Live From the River of Dreams in 2007. Since then, the full show has cropped up on YouTube. For this episode, we’re reviewing the entire performance. 

Join us, as we dig deep into Billy Joel live in Frankfurt, June 18, 1994.


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