EP 073 – Glass Houses Playlist #6 – Thundercats (Larry & Anthony’s Song)

Did you know there’s a connection between Billy Joel and one of the most popular cartoons of the 1980s?  We didn’t know either until a few weeks ago.  Recently, Michael and I interviewed Larry Franke, who was second engineer on Songs in the Attic and the Nylon Curtain. During the conversation, Larry mentioned that, after […]

EP 048 – Glass Houses Playlist #4

Once again, we’re taking a break from Billy — mostly, anyway — during those weird weeks between Thanksgiving and the winter holidays to bring you some different music.   Jack’s at the board with a playlist that’s split into three categories.   First up is “I’ve Loved These Days.” It’s a somewhat tongue-in-cheek way of […]

EP 038 – Glass Houses Playlist #3

 We’re back with another playlist episode this week. We have so much fun putting these together and sharing some of our favorite music with you all. Michael is back with another playlist of some favorites over the past several years. From 90s alternative to 2010s soul and singer/songwriters, these have been mainstays for Michael […]

EP 021 – Glass Houses Playlist #2

This holiday week, settle in with some classic songs, a small glimpse into the Philadelphia music scene, and some exciting new artists making music today!    This is our second playlist episode, where Jack and Michael take turns playing DJ to spin some tunes and tell some stories behind them.    Jack’s on the turntable […]

EP 009 – Glass Houses Playlist #1

We’re bringing you something a little different for this episode. To say things have been crazy lately, is an understatement. We weren’t able to pull together a regular episode in time but still wanted to bring you something.   Introducing the GLASS HOUSES PLAYLIST. Michael & Jack will take turns playing DJ to spin some […]