EP 055 – 2008 Tour, Walmart Vinyl, Billy Joel & Metallica Vegas Weekend

2022 is turning out to be a big year for Billy Joel. Just by the end of February, fans enjoyed a unique weekend of music in a city where Billy doesn’t often play. And, new vinyl releases expanding on last year’s box set, include an album few fans have ever owned on vinyl before. 

We’re covering these events in this episode while also looking at a much quieter, often overlooked point in Billy’s career: his 2008 tour of Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

By the end of the new century’s first decade. Billy’s career appeared to be winding down. It’d been seven years since his last release of new music, and 15 since his last pop album. And, his touring schedule was dwindling with fewer dates each year. 

Billy would hit the road again with Elton John in 2009. For this year, however, fans would only get a handful of television appearances and a run of tour dates on the other side of the world from his home on Long Island.

He’d still be years away from the Garden residency that fueled a renewed interest in his live performances and a critical reassessment of his place in pop culture history. For those keeping score 14 years ago,  it may have looked like his number was up. 

But, as we’ve seen just by the news this year, Billy still had a lot to offer. 

Join us, as we recap the last few weeks of Billy Joel news, and dig deep into his 2008 tour.

Michael’s  Billy Joel Walmart Vinyl Unboxing Video

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