EP 046 – Vinyl Box Set, Return to The Garden, Billy & Metallica in Vegas …and more!

Billy Joel released his first solo album, Cold Spring Harbor, in November 1971. Almost 50 years to the day, his fans are celebrating a string of exciting new announcements. 

In our most timely episode yet, we’ll cover the latest developments in the Billy Joel world. 

On Friday, November 5, Billy brought his record-breaking residency back to Madison Square Garden after a nearly two-year hiatus due to the pandemic.

Also on November 5, Billy released the Vinyl Collection, Vol. 1. It’s a boxed set containing new masters of his first six studio albums, Songs in the Attic, and an unreleased concert from 1975. 

In the lead up to the box set, Billy also released a new animated video for Scenes From An Italian Restaurant. 

And, in an announcement that seemed tailor-made for our co host Michael, we learned that Billy and Metallica will soon play at the same venue on the same weekend in Las Vegas. 

It’s a lot at once, and we’re here to share in the excitement. Join us, as we dig deep, into the latest and greatest Billy Joel news.

Check out our video unboxing of Billy Joel – The Vinyl Collection, Vol. 1 here: https://youtu.be/5oeIBm0kajo


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