EP 075 – 2022 Odds & Ends (with Steve Cohen, Jon Small, & Brad Leigh)

Sometimes the best part of a big meal is the leftovers. There’s nothing like taking a little bit of everything from the night before, heating it up, and settling in for a second round. And, for the second year in a row, just in time for the holidays, that’s what we’re doing here at Glass Houses. 

This is our second Odds and Ends episode, where we take pieces of conversations from the year that got left on the cutting room floor. We hear so many great stories from the people we interview that we can’t fit them all into each episode. 

This year, we’ve got two dishes of second helpings. The first is from our interview with Steve Cohen, Billy’s longtime lighting director, and Jon Small, who’s been involved with Billy since the late 60s. They’ll share stories of how they began working with Billy, including some never-before-heard stories from their youth. 

Next is a sneak peek of our upcoming episode about The Nylon Curtain. Here, engineer Bradshaw Leigh talks about reconstructing the album for an ATMOS enhanced audio mix this year. He also gives a few behind-the-scenes stories from his time at A&R Recording with Billy and Phil Ramone. And, you’ll hear his thoughts on the music business back then and what it’s like now. 

So throw on your sweatpants, uncork that half-empty bottle of wine, and settle in for a helping of odds and ends from some of our favorite interviews of 2022. 


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