EP 078 – Year In Review: 1989

1989 was a high water mark for Billy Joel’s career. He released another chart-topping album, Storm Front, and its number-one hit “We Didn’t Start the Fire.”

That single also found a home in history classrooms around the United States – a feat fitting for someone who once aspired to be a teacher.

But the events that preceded its fall release foreshadowed the chorus of the title track from Billy’s 11th studio album. Specifically, the line, “There’s a Storm Front coming.”

The year started quietly, with Billy slowly returning to the limelight in broadcast news features, master classes, and guest spots aimed toward children around his daughter’s age.

But before Storm Front’s release, Billy would discover a betrayal that would shake up his inner circle and could potentially leave him bankrupt.

Join us as we dig deep into the high tides and murky waters of Billy Joel in 1989.


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