EP 048 – Glass Houses Playlist #4

Once again, we’re taking a break from Billy — mostly, anyway — during those weird weeks between Thanksgiving and the winter holidays to bring you some different music.

Jack’s at the board with a playlist that’s split into three categories.

First up is “I’ve Loved These Days.” It’s a somewhat tongue-in-cheek way of looking at artists who spent 2020 writing new music that got released in 2021.

Next is “My Life.”which is a collection of songs featuring Jack on drums.

Finally, Jack spotlights great new music from today’s artists in “Keepin’ the Faith.” Because the good ole days weren’t always good, and tomorrow ain’t as bad as it seems.

I’ve Loved These Days

Interview: Mariel Beamount

“Dune” by Church Girls

“Look Out Desdemona” by Joe Pug

“All My Love” by Carsie Blanton

“I Can’t Wait To Break Your Heart,” by Carsie Blanton

“Working All the Time” by Xenia Rubinos

My Life

“Faded Flowers (alternate version)” by The Yarrows

Listen to the official version here.

“Loaded” by Dime Street Joker

“I Will” by Cicada Jade

“Maybe You Forgot” by Chris Trainor

Keeping the Faith

“The Other Day” by Bees!


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