EP 087 – Album Retrospective: Billy Joel Greatest Hits Volume III

Greatest Hits Volume III had a lot to live up to. Volumes one and two documented Billy on a hot streak, releasing hit after hit and album after album. Those compilation records, released in one double package, became an iconic, best-selling release all its own. 

By contrast, Greatest Hits Volume III came out a few years after what became Billy’s final pop album. He had been mostly out of the spotlight after the River of Dreams tour, so the new compilation had fewer albums to cover and included three cover songs – no new compositions. 

Thanks to those new tracks, Greatest Hits Volume III feels like a glimpse into an alternate path Billy could have taken starting in the late 80s. Those songs, plus a remixed “All About Soul,” would be the last glimpse fans would get of new vocal material for nearly a decade. 

Nearly 30 years on, this release feels more like a footnote than a major event like its predecessors. Still, there’s plenty to explore over these 76 minutes. Join us as we dig deep into Billy Joel’s Greatest Hits Volume III.


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