EP 093 – Tour Retrospective: From A Piano Man To An Innocent Man Tour 1984

Billy Joel’s An Innocent Man album earned him a new generation of fans upon its release in 1983. But the accompanying tour didn’t kick off until the next calendar year. Dubbed “From A Piano Man to An Innocent Man,” the shows were unlike any other Billy had mounted until this point.

The core band was augmented with backup singers and a horn section. And, with a handful of new hit songs, older concert staples were no longer in the sets.

While some accounts show a rocky start, the band eventually hit its stride. Today, the production is well-documented thanks to a televised show from Wembley Arena in the UK that was broadcast live.

Thanks to our research and contributions from friends of the podcast, we’re bringing you a much more detailed look at the An Innocent Man tour. We’ll look at tour dates, typical setlists, and reviews of the tour that outline its evolution in nearly 70 shows over 6 months.

Join us as we dig deep into Billy Joel’s From A Piano Man to An Innocent Man Tour of 1984.

Live audio courtesy of Eric Fellen.


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