EP 096 – Concert Classics: Live At Sigma Sound Studios, Philadelphia – 1972

Unreleased for decades, Billy Joel’s 1972 Sigma Sound Studios concert was arguably the kick-start to his career. With a flop record in Cold Spring Harbor under his belt. Billy and his then-backing band performed live on the air for WMMR in Philadelphia. 

The session yielded a version of “Captain Jack” that became the station’s most-requested song for years. It drew the attention of Columbia Records, who went on to sign Billy and release Piano Man in late 1973. 

And, as famed as that track is, there’s plenty more to enjoy from this performance, which was included on the November 2011 deluxe Legacy Edition reissue of Piano Man. It’s a rare official recording documenting the pre-Lords of 52nd Street live unit. And, it features tracks that never made it on a record, early versions of now-classics, and songs that Billy permanently dropped from the setlist soon after. 

Join us as we dig deep into Billy Joel at Sigma Sound Studios in April 1972.

Invitation and note courtesy of Paul Fierro
Studio photo courtesy of Sigma Sound Studios website


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