EP 084 – Video Retrospective: The Video Album Volume II

Billy Joel: The Video Album Volume II is another back and forth across Billy’s discography. The ten selections here vary from promo reels shot in the 1970s, unvarnished black-and-white live footage and barebones soundstage performances in the early 80s, to full-blown stylized and choreographed productions from the peak of the MTV era. 

Once again, we’re treated to a revue of how music videos progressed as an art form as MTV changed the way people consumed music and viewed the people who made it. 

Billy fans in particular can enjoy up-close-and-personal live footage of songs like “Los Angelenos” and “Everybody Loves You Now,” shot in a small club. And the cuts from Glass Houses also feature the band as they’d perform on stage or in rehearsal. 

These vignettes sit alongside the entry for “Uptown Girl,” arguably his most well-known video, along with other highly-dramatized productions for songs like “Allentown” and “The Longest Time.” 

Join us as we dig deep into BIlly Joel: The Video Album Volume II.  


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