EP 103 – Concert Classics: Live At The Spectrum, Philadelphia – 1986

Since his days playing clubs and theaters in the early 70s, Billy Joel was always known for his passionate, high-energy concerts. That reputation only grew, literally and figuratively, as he graduated into arenas and stadiums after 1977’s The Stranger

That makes his stop at the Spectrum in Philadelphia on The Bridge tour a unique evening. Billy and the band were in fine form on October 13, 1986. But Billy seems to be in a much different mood than usual. 

He’s relaxed, but not subdued, calm, but still passionate. As a result, even the songs most familiar to regular concertgoers sound just a little different here. They’re often more relaxed, or more thoughtful than usual. At other times, Billy adds bursts of intensity and grit in sections of songs he usually doesn’t highlight. 

That makes this concert a special treat for fans: It’s a solid show overall, but one with a slightly different approach– to great effect. 

Join us as we dig deep into Billy Joel live at the Spectrum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. October 13, 1986.


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