EP 068 – Album Retrospective: The Nylon Curtain

The Nylon Curtain wasn’t nearly as popular as Billy Joel’s albums just before and after this release. But, it still spawned a handful of hits, classics, and perennial fan favorites and concert staples. And today, it’s regarded by fans and critics as Billy’s most accomplished artistic statement.

Released in 1982, The Nylon Curtain came just after the string of smash hit albums from The Stranger in 1977 through Glass Houses in 1980, and the live Songs In the Attic that rewrote his early work.

And, it was released less than a year before An Innocent Man would race up the charts and capture a new generation of fans.

In contrast to the harder-edged rock of Glass Houses and the bouncy fun of An Innocent Man, The Nylon Curtain is a thoughtful, occasionally dark, and sonically adventurous affair.

It’s often lauded as his most Beatlesque album. And, it’s certainly one of Billy’s most thoughtful releases as he tackles war, aging, and social dilemmas throughout its nine songs.

Join us as we take a long look behind The Nylon Curtain.


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