EP 033 – Year In Review: 1988 + Awards Show Appearances Part 2

Pardon the pun, but for Billy Joel, 1988 was the calm before the storm. 

Billy and the band had just come off an exhausting, groundbreaking two-year tour that saw them on four continents. And, they capped it all off with a historic run of six shows in the now-former USSR. Billy was the first pop act from the west to get this kind of access behind the iron curtain. 

Behind the scenes, Billy was ready for a break. In fact, he was ready to take some time off even before The Bridge came out in 1986. But, the record label insisted on a new album and tour. 

By the time this cycle was done, Billy powered down for a year. Aside from a few cameos, his work as a pop star was on hold. But, he pulled double duty on his work as a Dad. 

He spent time with his daughter, Alexa Ray, who was now two years old. And, when he went to work, he appeared on TV shows and in movies that would appeal to kids her age. 

The next year would be a busy one:A new album, a new lineup of musicians, and a lawsuit that would drag on for years. His career would look vastly different than it had just 12 months prior. 

We’ll get to that year in a future episode. But for now, let’s dig deep into 1988.

We also pick up where we left off with our Part 2 of covering Billy Joel’s awards show appearances and nominations.


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