EP 076 – Behind The Nylon Curtain (with Brad Leigh & Larry Franke)

The Nylon Curtain turned 40 last September, and we can’t help but take one last look at it as we start the new year. 

Back in September, we did our album spotlight where we discussed the history and making of the album along with our track-by-track commentary. This time, we’re speaking with two people who helped make the album into the classic we all know today. 

Our guests for this episode are Larry Franke and Bradsahw Leigh. Both were engineers at A&R Recording where Billy worked with Phil Ramone to produce his string of hit albums from the late 70s through the mid-80s. 

Larry and Brad were involved with many of those records. And, for this episode, they’re taking us through what it was like creating Billy Joel’s most sonically ambitious album. 

You’ll hear about the studio tricks they used for sound effects, how they used analog effects well before today’s digital plugins, and how the band and studio crew went about fulfilling Billy’s goal of making an album inspired by the Beatles’ Sergeant Pepper’s. 

With track-by-track commentary, stories from the sessions, and deep dives into the recording technology of the day, it’s the closest you can get to being a fly on the wall of the live room and mixing booth back in 1982.

Join us for another look behind The Nylon Curtain.


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