EP 077 – Concert Classics: Rome, Italy – July 31, 2006

Billy’s return to touring in 2006 included a stop at one of the oldest arenas in the world. The concert was captured for posterity with a beautifully-shot, full-length video available for free online. 

On July 31, 2006, Billy and the band, minus a key member, played outdoors at the Coliseum in Rome. It was many fans’ first glimpse at the lineup he’d keep for the next 17 years and running, more or less. And, what a place to see him: performing just steps away from the centuries-old landmark. 

While Crystal Taliefero wasn’t at this show, longtime members Tommy Byrnes, Mark Rivera, David Rosenthal, and Andy Cichon were there. So were relative newcomers Carl Fischer on horns and Chuck Burgi, who was on his first tour as Billy’s new drummer.  

The show is available on YouTube with a soundboard mix that highlights the band almost more than Billy himself. While it’s a great document of the new band starting out, listeners can also key into the harmonies, background parts, and delicate orchestrated parts that make Billy’s music shine. 

Join us as we deep into Billy Joel Live in Rome, 2006.


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